Corner Guard Standard - Grey

Corner Guard Standard - Grey

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The Corner Guard Standard is the perfect wall corner guard protector for the child care environment. In virtually every building, the walls, windowsills and radiators have sharp, protruding corners and edges which are potentially dangerous for children running around and playing. A fall against a sharp corner or edge can be very painful and lead to serious injuries. Our wall corner protectors are shock-proof and hard-wearing. 

  • colours: transparent, white and grey
  • indoor use
  • dimension: 1 metre long x .59" x .59"
  • can withstand temperatures up to 230°F
  • easy to install (strips pre-fitted with Tesa tape)
  • made of TPE polymer

Young children fall. It is part of growing up. The Corner wall protectors from Arte Viva prevent injuries caused by falling on corners and edges. Edge protection is, in our opinion, essential in schools, kindergartens, child care centres, playgrounds etc.

Corner Guards are sold as a single strip that is 1 metre long. (The TPE polymer material can be cut to size.)

Installation guide:  Corner_Guard.pdf

Corner Guard Standard - Grey