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Early Childhood Education


Canada's best resource for infants, early learning and kindergarten learning materials, furniture, dramatic play, language, math, science and so much more!
264 pages

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Classroom Materials
Infant-Grade 8 

Bigger and better than ever! Now offering innovative and educational robotics, furniture, makerspace materials, special needs, art materials and so much more!
286 pages

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Physical Education
Kindergarten-Grade 8 

Offering the best resources to meet all of your physical education requirements! Our products span across the curriculum to provide your class with the best in health, physical education, recreation and dance. 
154 pages

Early Childhood Education
Preschool-Grade 1

Educo provides high impact manipulatives to create a constructive space where students in Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1 can actively challenge their understanding of key learning principles in mathematics, language, science and more! 
36 pages