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Phone 1-8OO-268-1268 Fax 1-8OO-567-8O54 CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL STUDIES CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL STUDIES CLASSIC HARDWOOD TRAIN SET VR146 114.95 CLASSIC FOREST ANIMAL COLLECTION GG601 71.95 GIANT CLASSIC DOLLHOUSE JJ906 304.95 LAKESHORE SOFT POSEABLE FAMILIES - COMPLETE SET DD455X 229.95 ABORIGINAL TEEPEE PPT39614 5 High 264.95 PPT39615 8 High 339.95 Watch our videos on Visit to see videos images and complete product details DRAMATIC PLAY 2 GREENTONES WOOD KOKORIKO CLATTER GH3767 20.95 LAKESHORE GIANT TREEHOUSE HH817 329.95 TREEHOUSE FURNITURE SET HH818 184.95 bedroom 2 kitchenliving room nursery bedroom 1bathroom INSTRUMENTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD COLLECTION RE100X 219.95 LAKESHORE CAREER COSTUME SET LC890X 649.95 complete set BAMBOOM RHYTHM BAND SETS 15 Player Set RBB15 164.95 per set Phone 1-8OO-268-1268 Fax 1-8OO-567-8O54 DRAMATIC PLAY MUSIC 3 SLIDE BUILD NATURE BLOCKS HH339 99.95 NATURE BLOCKS FF353 99.95 LAKESHORE COMMUNITY BLOCK PLAY PEOPLE RR653 64.95 TEGU MAGNETIC WOODEN BUILDING BLOCK SET - TINTS - 42 pieces TEG42TNT 139.95 per set YOUR CLASSROOM HARDWOOD BLOCK SETS Intermediate Block Set - 118 pieces WB0369 449.95 per set Watch our videos on Visit to see videos images and complete product details BLOCK PLAY 4 PRESCHOOL PICTURE GLOBE GC108 87.95 CANADIAN SYMBOLS BULLETIN BOARD SET T8172 13.95 per set CHILDRENS ATLAS OF THE WORLD SCH3080 19.95 each SCH3080X Set of 10 194.95 per set CANADA THE WORLD WRITE AND WIPE ROLLED MAP PACK Set of 2 UKT594 25.95 THE KIDS BOOK OF CANADA HAC2261 14.95 THE KIDS BOOK OF CANADIAN EXPLORATION HAC2575 14.95 THE KIDS BOOK OF THE FAR NORTH HAC2585 14.95 THE KIDS BOOK OF CANADIAN HISTORY HAC3282 14.95 THE KIDS BOOK OF ABORIGINAL PEOPLES IN CANADA HAC9307 14.95 Phone 1-8OO-268-1268 Fax 1-8OO-567-8O54 SOCIAL STUDIES 5 CANADA MAP FLOOR PUZZLE MEL4416 16.95 ABORIGINAL STORYTELLING CARPET WGN198 6 Round 289.95 WGN199 9 Round 649.95 DISCOVERING CANADA CLASSROOM CARPET CFK102 510 x 85 429.95 CFK101 85 x 118 679.95 TUZZLES ABORIGINAL STORYTELLING TABLETOP PUZZLE PLA093 64.95 TUZZLES CANADIAN ABORIGINAL TRAY PUZZLE SETS SET 1 - PLA0001 Raven Turtle Beaver Inukshuk SET 2 - PLA0002 Loon Caribou Goose Teepee SET 3 - PLA0003 Wolf Salmon Bison Dreamcatcher SET 4 - PLA0004 Crane Eagle Bear Orca 59.95 per set SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4 Watch our videos on Visit to see videos images and complete product details CARPETS PUZZLES 6 KODO KIDS TIMBER STACKERS Set of 95 KD454 1299.95 per set KODO KIDS SIFT SORT KOD103 249.95 KODO KIDS DELUXE DISCOVERY RAMP SET KOD401 399.95 per set WATCH-IT-GROW WINDOW GREENHOUSE Set of 20 RR469 129.95 per set insects birds reptilesmammals sea life OUTDOOR TEEPEE 86 High PM1010 1999.95 HANDS-ON SCIENCE SPECIMEN CENTRES HH590SET 259.95 complete set SMALL NATURE BOWL 33 Wide without lid PM1013 1099.95 33 Wide with lid PM1014 1599.95 Phone 1-8OO-268-1268 Fax 1-8OO-567-8O54 EXPLORATION NATURE DISCOVERY 7 AUTHENTIC MINI TEEPEES GP1415 46.95 per pack of 24 EASY-TO-WEAVE DREAM CATCHERS LR188 23.95 per pack of 24 WOODEN MINI CANOES WD3445 31.95 per pack of 6 WOOD SUNDIAL CRAFT KIT GP2051 39.95 per pack of 12 TRIBAL RAINSTICKS GP1297 49.95 per pack of 24 RHYTHM DRUM GP1366 41.95 per pack of 24 ARROWHEAD NECKLACES CE4551 13.95 per pack of 12 BEAR CLAW NECKLACES GP888 21.95 per pack of 8 FIRST NATIONS DREAM CATCHERS GP947 44.95 per pack of 15 Watch our videos on Phone 1-8OO-268-1268 Fax 1-8OO-567-8O54 ARTS CRAFTS NATURE JOURNAL CRAFT KIT GP2089 33.95 per pack of 12